The Company of VOLLHART

Our company, which was established in Deutschland / Illingen in 1991, quickly made a name for itself in carbide millingand carbide products.

We are a young, dynamic organisation with a wide bread th of experience in the development, manu facture and sales of cutting tools for UPVC -, aluminium, steel and composite profiles.

Our specialised knowledge is highly valued by our customer sand is a cornerstone of our business strategy. We work to get her with our customer stop rovide the best solution for their application. But no matter how small the problem, our specialists are delighted to serve our customers giving advice and speedy applications support. 

Incorporating all the recent s in technology our streamlined production methods enable us to react fast to our customer needs. On-off´sands mall batches are generally no problem.

Vollhart Cutting Tools are tested to the highest quality standard sand are continually developed and improved.

Our production are exported to UK, European, American, South American and South-east Asia etc.

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